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J-RPG Podcast 2: Tokyo Nova, RPG-Themed Manga, and more!

J-RPG Podcast #2 is up! Download it here!


00:00 Introduction (First Crush by Sabrepulse)
00:31 What we’re listening to:
01:31 What we’re playing
Animal Shogi (the full version: Animal Shogi in the Greenwood)
(note: The basic version is available as an IOS game app, look for “Let’s Catch the Lion!“)
05:53 News
-Kickstarter updates: Magician, Hillfolk, Tenra Bansho Zero
Gamer MarketPictures from the Game Market
Psychic Hearts
22:50 Main Topic 1: Spiel EssenShinobigami Announcement
36:08 Main Topic 2: Piyopu Seikatsu is now available for free on j-comi! An incredible gaming life/RPG autobiographical manga by Naoko Kanazawa (Blog) (Girls’ Style Gaming Blog)
46:33 Game in 5 Minutes (or more): Tokyo Nova, a uniquely Japanese Cyberpunk RPG using playing cards and specialized Tarot cards- Pictures of the Tokyo Nova Tarot
1:15:50 Word(s) of the day
Endaka (Wikipedia)
1:20:00 Mail & Shout Outs
1:25:00 Closing & Next Week
Style Savvy
-Fixing Legend of the Five Rings
Outtro (The Rapture by Sabrepulse )

Thanks to Sabrepulse for the rocking chiptunes. If you like his tracks, please buy a copy like I did!

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