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So, Matt and I (Andy) have partnered up with the Geeky and Genki network to deliver media (postcasts, videocasts) through their website! We’ll be posting more info here when there is content over there, so for now go ahead and check out our new podcasts!


Warning: We are new at this, and still finding our legs: Case in point, each time I aim for maybe 20-30 minutes of content… then we talk (directedly!) for like 90 minutes. Wow! So yeah, we’ll be finding our legs and improving shortly.  For now, you can check out our attempts here:

Geeky and Genki: http://geekyandgenki.com/

Super Excite Game (formerly the J-RPG podcast) #3 here: http://www.geekyandgenki.com/j-rpg-podcast-3/

The NEW Super Excite Game #4 here: http://www.geekyandgenki.com/super-excite-game-episode-4/

Come for the gaming, stay for us blathering about Japan, culture and language!


Matt’s G&G Profile: http://www.geekyandgenki.com/author/matthew/

Andy’s G&G Profilehttp://www.geekyandgenki.com/author/andy/

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