Going to upgrade to Vanilla 2.0
  • I'm going to upgrade these forums to the latest code of Vanilla, porting over all existing discussions and comments.

    "Hidden" threads will still carry over. But "whispers" will likely appear as a private conversation between two individuals, so they might disappear. I don't think there's a lot sunk into whispers, though, so I'm going to carry it through in the next few days.

  • OK, locking the forum down for a day as I test out some upgrade pathing. We'll be back by Wednesday!
  • Sorry about the delay, will just require one more day. Friday at the latest. You'll know if the migration happened because this theme/layout will be different.

  • Upgrade complete! Shutting this thread down. Stay tuned for more themes, etc.
  • Before you close this thread: I noticed that I cannot access my own profile.

    "Permission Problem

    You don't have permission to do that."

    Same Problem with the "activity"-button at the top. The inbox is working though...

    Old settings like notifications via email got deactivated, too.

    Btw: I like the new design!

  • I think I was able to take care of the Profile and Activity areas (There was an unchecked View box). Unfortunately, looks like some of the finer things like notifications do not carry over.

  • Thanks, it works now. But you can't get only notfications for subscribed treads. In the previous version you could automatically get messages for replies to every thread.
  • Yeah, at the very least I'm trying to see if I can get an RSS feed of Every New Post. I'll see if there's a quick mod for subscription to Every New Post as well. Thanks!

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