Meikyu Kingdom - New Kingdom Book
  • After hearing all the buzz about Meikyu Kingdom, I picked up the 2 core books for it a couple of weeks ago. I noticed that the Kingdom Book was in the new arrivals section, and saw that it was an updated version. Since I don't have the older one, I have no idea what's in it that's not in the previous one. Anyone check out the new one? There seems to be a New Dungeon Book in the makings as well, to be put out sometime in the future.

    Has there been any translation work on this game at all?
  • Not that I know of, but holy hell it looks fun, if a bit random. This one's got my interest as well.
  • Yeah, I noticed that their Meikyu-themed card games all come with English instructions, so I wondered about Meikyu Kingdom itself. Glad to see they're busy, though I'd like to see more English stuff from them!

    Ooooh, Meikyu Days. I would really like to see what's inside that book. All I can imagine is Persona 3 and 4. Sounds pretty awesome.
  • Wow, sounds eerily like Persona! Way cool.

    Coincidentally, last night I showed all my JTRPGs to my best friend, asking which she'd like most to play next. After sifting through them all, we decided on me getting Meikyu Kingdom playable.

    I wonder if Meikyu Days would be easier to localize than Meikyu Kingdom....
  • Hi guys, I finally got around to starting my own blog about JRPGs and my almost inaugural post is all about the King class and its skills. I linked faustus' blog in that post and linked faustus and Ewen on the blog itself, hope you guys don't mind. Hopefully I'll get more stuff on there someday...

    oh yeah, almost forgot the link! duh~

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