Conventions? GenCon?
  • Hey all: Not suggesting that people go totally out of their way to meet up at conventions or something. However, if it just so happened that someone else was at GenCon when I was, and I missed them, that would be like a doubleshame steak with teriyaki shame sauce on top.

    So if anyone plans on going to any convention (JGC, GenCon, Pax, whatever), please feel free to post here. Not likely that this disparate group of language elites will ever get a chance to all meet for drinks, but hey even if there's a remote chance at a handshaking, that would be cool.

    Anyway, I'm going to GenCon 2010 (in two weeks!). No other plans other than maybe Dreamation next year in January in northern New Jersey. Next year I also plan on travelling in Japan again, and will make an attempt to swing by various places on the way.

  • I forgot to pre-register for Gencon this year as things have been rough for me this summer but was debating whether I should go anyway and pay at the door. Haven't been before so that's kind of making it tempting but...I dunno
  • Do you live nearby?
    Also, I'm not pre-reg'd, but I'm going anyway. They'll have more than enough room for at-the-door purchases, it's not like PAX.
  • (opening the thread to the public)

    If any folks out there reading this blog want to meet up at GenCon, hit me up by email. I'm "ziggurat" at gmail.

  • I'm totally there, dude.
  • I'm in Columbus, Ohio right now. Close to Indy. So its not like it would be a cross country trip for me.

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