Double Cross 3rd Edition : SOLID!
  • Another game that I would like to see in english, jeez, so much wanting. Thanks for showing us those jrpg jewels.
  • I just found this wondrous site: and I have to say DX3 has my attention.

    I got my copy. I can't wait try it out.
  • Sweet!

    Yeah, I meant to update more on this game, but haven't had the time. In my off hours, I've picked up and have been reading every single supplement for DX3. Some are awesome, some are "eh", but man overall the game is tight.

    Plus, the way that it's been published, as two small books, and then larger "full size" books, is interesting and I think really gets people into trying it out. Only issue is that in later books, when they stat out characters and powers and the like, sometimes they have to go back and list several source books (Power X, Book 1 p 127; Power Y, Book 2 p 101; Power Z, This Book p 54; etc).

    They've come up with great ways to tie metaplot into the character creation, though, with the "Pre-made Connects".
  • Just from the tiny bit of flavor I've gotten from observing the shadows cast on the blog-walls, I can tell I really dig this game. It's why I went so far as to impulse ship it from and why I now sit here hoping it comes before this Friday... because I'd hate to have it arrive at the start of a work week. ;_;

    I guess I can't blame them for having more material, though. I mean, if I need more powers and setting material than the original books give me, then I guess I've pretty much memorized it and exhausted it, so I'll know what they mean when they reference another earlier power or whatever. Stuff like that has only ever been an absolute overload for me when I start late in a game's history and I just, out of pure collector instinct, grab all the books available. After which, I can't help but look into the later, more wild material and confuse myself when I should have just started with the book everyone else did and work my way outward. =P

    And yeah, I do really like the fact that social connections and the like have some crunch to it. Seemingly not the bad kind either. I've never seen a western TRPG with a good set of charts for creating interesting character background skeletons you can put your own flavor into without too much boiler-plate explanation. I guess a good bit of my love for this type of thing is that it gets people thinking along the same lines and smooths over the character exposition process. Eg. "She's an executive in a secret military organization at 16?!" vs "Oh man, that's so cool! She must be totally badass, I love her already!" Or maybe that's just the Japanese style everyone expects when you sit down for a game like this...

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