From Komiket: Heisei Kamen Rider TRPG Masquerade Style 2nd ed.
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    Picked this up at Komiket 76 on Saturday. Not the only game I grabbed but still the one that stands out the most to me.

    Quality is very professional and even comparing it to a FEAR book its good.

    The setting is generic modern day with the addition of kaijin and riders. Players are able to chose from a variety of types. They can chose riders from the likes of three of the early Heisei kamen rider series; Kuuga, Agito, and Faiz. (Odds are they didn't use the 3rd series Ryuki cause of the mirror world). Players can also play as the monsters from these series as well.

    The characters are split into 3 types. Battle, Drama, and Support. All types each serve a purpose and can be very useful as a rider might not be the best character type to explain to the cops what they just saw.

    Power cards are included in the back and they're of size to cut out and affix to normal playing cards.

    It includes generic characters to chose, normal creatures to fight.

    In the battle rules it even includes rules for combat and chase scenes on bikes/vehicles.

    I think I may try my hand at translating a bit of it if I have time.


    I asked about the later heisei series and the guy at the booth said that they would be released later.
  • Interesting, Thanks.

    How does the battle flow in this game?
    From my experience the hero gets beaten down first until he pulls out his hissatsu. What stops the player to Rider Kick in the first combat round? Or is the conflict system somehow different from a standard rpg combat system?
    How does it work out with some players playing the bad guys? I assume they represent main villains, not the monster of the week?

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