SW2.0 Nintendo DS Rulebook Collection... Holy Crap!
  • Not a problem. I have to wonder if the game being available on the DS will make it easier for folks to do a fan-translation. XD ...Probably not, but it is a wishful dream. Any case, I don't remember how I found it, but I did.

    And because of that, ended up finding out that Sword World had 2 SNES games. Funny, huh?
  • I"m excited about this but annoyed that it wont come out until a week after I've left Japan. :(
  • Does anyone know how much of the SW2.0 rules this is going to include? Since the genre listing is "Gamebook-style Adventure", I was thinking it would be something along the lines of the old "Fighting Fantasy" books, with just enough rules and background for the player to deal with whatever obstacles the game throws at him. The website indicates that there is at least some sort of built-in glossary, though.
  • FYI, this release has been pushed back to October 29.
  • Yeah, in this case it's apparently a young adult light novel converted into a gamebook. No comments on the site yet as to which ruleset it uses (or if it will be more of a choose your own adventure, or Fighting Fantasy, etc).

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