Yaruki Zero Games Podcast on J-RPGs
  • Two things I'm interested in are:

    How the TRPG culture in Japan is different from the culture in America (i.e. how its origins have affected it and how the general mindset affects what games get created and played and how they are played)

    How the language affects game books (e.g. the gigantic passive adjectival paragraph)
  • Heya Ewen, yeah looking forward to it.

    I'm thinking that once I have some time (LOL!), I'm going to update the front page of this site (that basically points here) to basically be a fat "FORUM" button at the top, and then an RSS feed at the bottom which directly imports all of your podcasts. Because they're topical and awesome.

    But if more folks have an idea of things they want to hear, let Ewen know (if you're not a member here) by posting over on Ewen's Podcast link above, and comment on his blog with your question or topic.
  • It's not really detailed, but it's by one of the original group, so it's "quotable".
  • Nice podcast! I mentioned it in the comments on the podcast page as well, but it's interesting to me how similar the cultures around wargaming and role-playing seem to be here (meaning Japan). Especially since I'm making my first foray into Japanese-language role-playing next month after finding some (hopefully) nice folks in my area on Mixi.
  • Oh, hey if you're on Mixi, and haven't joined yet (14 members, going strong!), there's a little English TRPG group over there:


  • Good stuff guys. I'm glad to see it on iTunes too.

    Oh and Ewen, I saw the English Maid RPG book in Role & Roll Station today

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