Games That Have Caught My Eye Vol. 1
  • Hi, I'm HIKAWA Kilica, in Japan.
    The following sites will help you while checking Japanese RPGs.


    Embryo Machine - This RPG is like Mech Warrior(Battle Tech), but it is far more simplified, easy to play.

    Trouble Aliens - I think this RPG is like PARANOIA. Each PC investigates other PC's identity as alien. If his identity has been shown up, he lose. Each player don't know who is the same side, and who is the opposite !
  • Thanks to Andy I have a copy of School Days Panic/Sukupani, and I've started reading it. The PCs are weirdos (the main archetypes are soldier, esper, magician, vampire, cyborg, or slayer) who are trying to attend a normal school, except that there's a phenomenon around the school that causes rumors to become true. The PCs have to contain the rumors, but their own special powers generate more rumor. Rumors are represented by a "rumor gauge," a pile of cards face-down by the GM, and the major way the PCs bring down the rumor gauge is to take on those cards as Stress. Get too much Stress, and your character has to leave the school, and possibly has his or her true nature revealed as well.

    There's an extremely important mechanic for making friends with NPCs that I still need to read more about, but apparently being friends with someone gives you access to a special skill, plus you can sacrifice your relationship to remove Stress.
  • Hi, Mark,

    EM requires square map and the direction of mecha is important. So, it needs figures. Though the basic rule book contains paper pieces, I used figures for D&D (^ ^;.
    Oh, I have forgotten to mention that this rule's important feature, "plotting", like Robo Rally's "programming". This means players must decide 2 actions prior to move his mecha actually. So, players are required to foresee other mecha's actions.

    Yes, some of characters will be retired because their identity has been revealed by the end of session.

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