What Is JRPG Talk?
  • There will be a tab above which will link to a page to show you the ins and outs of what's going on here.

    This place is a BLORUM, a fucked up flipper-baby hybrid of a BLOG and a FORUM. For all intents and purposes, this place is a SMALL GROUP BLOG. The only thing "FORUM" about it is the fact that, unlike a blog, a topic will never go dead: It can be revived, added to, and bumped to the top of the page again for further discussion.

    Here are some facts about this site:


    It's for folks interested in Tabletop Roleplaying Games, and Japanese. Specifically, Japanese Tabletop Roleplaying Games. Jesus, could we get any more specific? "...Who also play Rugby, Practice scrapbooking, and who live in Ghana". Anyway, as I trawl through the internetz, I come across a person here or there who, like me, can speak/read Japanese and is a gamer, or who is simply interested in J-RPGs they heard of somewhere and want to know more. This place is for that kind of person.


    This isn't really a discussion forum, although discussion in public may occur. Expect maybe one entry, or two comments, a week. This isn't a high-paced high-content forum where you need to check back twice a week. This is the kind of place where you click on the Feed link for the site, pop it in your feed reader, and simply wait for updates and goodness.


    In the shadows, some of us might be working on fan translations of some of these games.


    What I mean by that is that ANYONE can feel free to read this site (and I suggest you click on those feed and push them into your favorite feed reader), but to participate (join) the forums you need to meet the following criteria:

    1) You must be able to read/speak Japanese (even a little). Basically, you have to know enough to be able to contribute to helping out translating some basic info on blogs and the like. No, you won't actually be asked/forced to do work, but you have to have that level of skill/enthusiasm that you could give it your best shot. (hiragana, katakana, some kanji, etc)

    2) You must own a Japanese RPG. Any one is ok. This can trump the language knowledge bit: There are a few folks out there who I think of as "philanthropists" in the Carnegie sense: They like anime/manga/games, buy them, and help organize translators.

    So either 1 or 2 is a must to Join, because those are the folks who can contribute to discussions. But anyone else is welcome to read along, and post questions on threads!
  • Also, currently I'm working out bugs with a guest commenting system. Until that time, please email me at ziggurat atmark gmail dot com with the following info:

    1) Your Name
    2) The URL of the Thread you are commenting on
    3) Your Comment

    Sorry about this inelegant non-solution for now, but it will be a while before I can sit down and crack this shit out.

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