Witch Quest
  • Hi Ewen,

    I am very interested in a translation. Kiki's delivery service is my daughter favorite movie and my wife and I love it also.

    I think, I'll give a look to the text file. I am a real beginner but with some help from perapera-kun in Firefox I can at least browse the general meaning of the pages. But, I think it's still one or two years too early to realy help you (or maybe for some editing but english is not my native langage).

    But there is definitely some interest here.

  • I could use this to get myself to pick up my study again.

    But what makes it different from other "Magical Girl Heartbreakers"?
    Is it diceless or super crunchy tactical combat? What is the calendar on the charasheet for?
    There must be some reason it has such a huge following, this genre should be a No-Brainer for a japanese Designer. What makes it stand obove the other RPGs like Night Wizard?
  • Someone else will have to answer the question of what makes it so neat. I get the impression that it's relatively rules-light, but does use dice. It also has the advantage of there being a free version that (I think) we could translate with impunity. I am curious what's different for the print version, especially since it has three books instead of two.

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