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  • Well according to the mixi TRPG community survey Double Cross ranked 3rd with over 1000votes placing it after Sword World and アリアンロッド
  • Interesting, I just wiki'd the game and learned it was a d10 system. Not that d10 systems are unusual (heck all of WoD is d10) but that it is so popular with dice that are harder to find (compared to d6 I mean).

    It also have 12 official (not counting doujin) different settings. I can see it's popularity now because players can play in numerous types of adventures.

    Other than the basic contemporary Japan setting there's Demon's city (s-CRY-edesque), Heiankyo mononokeroku (heian kyoto), Lost Eden (play as players in an MMORPG), Akihabara,and Chaos Garden (animal fantasy)to name a few.

    I think I'll be picking this up for sure now.

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