Look What I Just Got!
  • Damn dude, I'm jealous. Looks like so much cool stuff.
  • Woah! Envy...

    I always wondered how the "Indie RPGs" are published in Japan. As much as it makes terrible sense, I wouldn't have thought about their doujinshi format.
    Where does one find those? In a doujinshi shop or at the rpg shops? And how expensive are they?

    Best "One True Way" to learn more about the Touhou Project stuff is to actually play some of the games for a bit. That way you get introduced to the characters, music and crazy danmaku goodness. Also it's nice to at least know about the canon behaviour of the characters before you meet the fan versions.

    I would like to hear more about "flowers". Would interest me how good it emulates magical girl stories in general. I'm still looking for a good system for stuff like Nanoha or Touhou. Also because that would almost automatically be a perfect fit for super robot stuff.

    Also a typo: Doko Ni Demo Aru Fushigi

    Geat stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  • Andy probably knows better than I do, but apparently doujinshi TRPG stuff is available at both Comiket (and its ilk) and the game shops that sell regular TRPGs. He picked up both Flowers and White Chaos for about 1000 yen each. In the case of Flowers, their blog mentions that they'll be selling it at a Touhou-only event that's coming up.

    I'll be posting about the stuff I got as I read through it, though at the moment my first priority is reading through the new Yuuyake Koyake stuff.
  • Wait, is Flowers about mahou shoujo or about shooters?
  • It's a tabletop RPG adaptation of the Touhou Project games, so... both, I suppose.
  • I want English versions of all these, darn it! >.

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