Night Wizard?
  • A while ago, there was this fairly generic anime series- NIGHT WIZARD THE ANIMATION, a deriative of one of FEAR's most popular works. While I found that the series itself was, well, bland, the unique setting of the world- Equal parts School Life and Mage: The Ascension, with a hefty heapin' of moe-moe gothic horror demon lords, is strangely compelling. Now, as my Japanese is frankly dire, and there's little chance of seeing it in English, (Unless someone's translating it, of course. Hint, hint. ^_^) I was wondering if anyone had an overview of it?

    Just some questions...

    1.) I've read the translated SRS document; Does the game run on the same system? Several of the classes seem highly distinct from the other, to the point where the multiclass system seems a bit, well, odd- The idea of a Vampire-Werewolf makes me shudder in reflexive fear of muchikinism, and kung-fu Ninja angels are kinda a stretch, at best.

    2.) Exactly how is 'School-Life' and 'Night-Life' separated? Is it the kind of distinction in say, Bliss Stage, where School-Life is an essential part of gameplay, or is it like, say an eroge, where it's only distantly related to the RPG aspect? How do bizarre characters, like motorcycle-riding Knights and time-displaced soldiers fit into the modern world?

    3.) How do the heroes get supplies, equipment, missions? Is there some kind of universal 'currency' you get from beating the bad guys? Or is it more like a roguelike, where you have to scrounge up components, weapons and armor as you go along?

    4.) Exactly what are the game's Big Bads, the Demon Lords? From the anime, they seem to be largely amiable enemies, more focused on skirmishing than the whole 'invading the earth' thing. Are they meant to be final bosses? Cosmic Horrors like Exalted's deathlords? Possible love interests? (I mean, they're all bishoujo. The question *has* to be asked.) How do they stack up against your average party?

    5.) What kind of bad guys ('Emulators') can the heroes expect to fight? Wraith-the-oblivion Spectres? The D&D bestiary? Or World Of Darkness-style horrors, like Banes and Umbral creatures?

    6.) I'm privately fascinated by the esoteric Dream-Hunter, Otoshigo, and Emulator Summoner classes. How do they work, exactly? The Dream-Hunter, in particularly, is an awesome concept...But I have no idea how it would work on paper. The whole idea of the Otoshigo is that they're the 'spawn of demon lords'. Does that mean they're literally the children of them? (*grin*) How do dudes like the more-straightforward classes like Hero, Killing Machine and Magical Swordsman differ from the 'generic' fighter?

    7.) Is there a limited campaign arc, like Tenra Bansho Zero? Y'know, 108 points and...Boom. Or Bliss Stage, where 108 points and...Well, boom. In fact, what're the adventures like? Monster-of-the-week? (Seems to be, considering the bad guys attack mostly when the red moon is out). Do all these weird adventures affect the real world? Do the heroes even have powers in the 'real world'?

    Whew. That's really a lot of questions. But I'm dying to know as much as possible about this strangely compelling setting...
  • It's about time that I make a post these days, isn't it? Well, at least this is a subject that I am quite familiar with!

    Alright. I just got back into things, so I am checking out the questions.

    1) Not sure. It is smewhat, but the classes are singluarly based, as Neko Ewan stated. So, you only have to worry about your class. What matters is if you plan to be attack based or defense based. Good references on someone who did a few things: and

    2) I think it would be related to the RPG aspect. Though, there are items such as cellphones.

    3) There are three organizations: Longinus (Anzelotte), The Emulators/Red Moon(Bell Zephyr), and Babylon (KILL THEM ALL!) --Not sure on the last group. Yes, I have a lot of the supplements. The Demon Lords are quite powerful.

    4) You pretty much nailed it, the D&D beastiary to some degree. Skeletons, oni, etc.

    5) ...On a note, Otoshigo is Dark Hero. And no, they are not literally children. I have a Dark Hero in design. and

    Anyway, the Dark Hero is someone who makes a pact with the Demon Lord for thier powers. Unfortunately, they get get used, so that brings them to the point of going to the good guys, which in turn, gets them hunted by the Demon Lord in fury. (Though, Satonori betrays Longinus back to the Red Moon tribe because he was 'bored').

    8) There _ARE_ campaigns, or rather, story books and scenarios.
  • Awesome. I'm so totally psyched for this game- Though it doesn't look as though anyone's really translating it. My new favorite class is the Reincarnate- World-weary ancient warriors brought out to fight for the Something like Fate/Stay Night's Servants, in fact. There's even a class for 'Hapless Anime Main Character.;

    Another thing I'm wondering is, what kind of gonzo technology is there? Lunar Cellphones, motorcycles, flying platforms...But, as always, what kind of big guns and things that go boom do the heroes get? I've seen the Gunner's Broom, and the magic swords (Wonder if those are 'items', or skills?)

    Also, how is 'currency' distributed? Is it like GANTZ, where monsters killed= Points? Or more like the cash you get from looting treasures and completing missions? I'm also wondering where the Emulators get all their mooks from- Cosmic Horrors? Self-replicating demons?

    Finally, Babylon seems interesting as an organisation- EVERYONE is your enemy. The idea of a whole team on the 'dark side' would be interesting, but probably wouldn't last too long...Like an Exalted Abyssals campaign. I wonder what the indiviual differences are?

    On a related note, how does a Night Wizard come into being? Is it like Mage's Awakening, where all of sudden, you see the Matrix as it truly is, or more like Hunter's imbuing, where you realise- Oh crap, the teacher's a flesh-eating zombie. The idea I have is that after you see all the weird stuff, you're promptly recruited...Doesn't explain all the crazy powers, though.

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