Wares Blade d20, Woah
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    One of the first truly Japanese RPGs, inspired (at least, I think so, after having looked through the original boxed set years ago) by the rules of Battletech mixed with some Basic Role Playing/Call of Cthulhu (percentile), has been reborn in a new edition.

    The idea behind the setting is simple: It's a basic western fantasy world. But instead of slinging swords against spear-weilding goblins, you suit up in a plate-mailed mecha about 12-18 feel tall, and fight against similarly armored demihumans. The backdrop is a theater of war, with nations warring against each other for domination or whatever.

    Setting isn't all that inspiring, but that's OK, because you suit up in steel mecha and stab shit with 12-foot-long swords!

    Also, I think that this is the first original Japanese implementation of the d20 system into an original game. That's interesting in itself, I wonder how they handled the mecha in d20? In the original system, it was really crunchy, with hit locations and armor points ala Battletech.

    More info:
  • Hi, I've just gotten into doing a fan traslation of this JRPG and could use all the help I can get. If anybody is interested in translating or interpreting/re-writing text (from machine translated english to regular english) please contact me at alpha1010@hotmail.com

    Get ahold of me if your just a fan of Wares Blade. The yahoo group I'm going to use to share scans and tranlated text is- http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/wb_project/


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