Musical World Divine Comedy: Polyphonica
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    The latest from FEAR, another SRS game with the Japanese novella form factor (read: fits in the palm of your hand) for about $7.00 US. I love these games: Easy to pick up and chew on without spending an arm and a leg.
    Official site here:

    Interestingly enough, it appears to be based off a licensed property, a series of recently popular novels of the same name (EDIT: Also, it's an anime as well). I'm not positive, but I think that's a first for FEAR!

    Looking at the character sheets, it looks like they take a direction of combining what we would call "aspects" or attributes as character classes, with things that reflect on the setting ("Divine Comedy Performer") and things that reflect on the personality or background of the character, like "Genius", "Noble", "Innocent", "Elder", "Chaser"(?).

    Unfortunately, I know little more than that. There's a wikipedia entry on the anime/manga, though:

    "Eufinley gets a phone call from another Divine Music Player Office asking Renbart to transfer to their office. Meanwhile, Phoron falls into a river and catches a cold while helping Aria to find her runaway cat as a volunteer work, so Eufinley tells Renbart to help Aria find her cat instead. While Prinesca and Phoron are worried if Renbart will transfer or not, Perserte and Corticarte fight with each other trying to take care of the sick Phoron. "

    Hmmm... not sure how that translates into a game with hit points and a defined combat system. I'll have to see for myself.
  • Actually FEAR did an RPG of Kaze no Stigma, which is another light novel series with an anime adaptation. I never got around to checking out either one though.

    (It is worth noting that in Baka Baka RPG wo Kataru, the author mentioned a prevalence of licensed games as one of the things that you see in American RPGs but not Japanese ones).

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