J-RPGs at GenCon
  • Aw man, I really wanna go to GenCon but I don't think I have the funds to get there ;_;

    This really looks interesting though, I hope it's a success for you.
  • If I can get leave time to go to the GenCon, I may try to see if I can bring my set of Alshard books or Night Wizard. Though, Alshard may look more likely.
  • To let everyone know, I have now finished the powers and weaknesses for Yuuyake Koyake, so I can indeed run it at GenCon. I don't know when exactly I'll be doing this (my schedule is kind of busy for the con), but let me know if you're interested in playing.
  • I'll be at GenCon as well. But a meet-and-greet does sound good.
  • There's probably too few people to have a *dedicated* meetup. I know that I am (and most likely Ewen) definitely going to the RPGNet meetup on Saturday night, where we can chat about J-RPGs in detail.

    Other than that, both of us will be alternating at the Khepera Publishing booth, selling MAID RPG. Feel free to meet us there, so at least we have a name to a face, and we can talk about meeting up somewhere.

    I'll be bringing MAID and Tenra Bansho to run, so we can probably throw down sessions of those at some point.

  • So now I managed to get off work, just to find out that my passport has expired. >_< This way I have no chance left anymore to personally attend GenCon.

    So I have a huge Xtreme last-minute request:
    Will there please be somebody willing, to fetch me a copy of Maid RPG and the Tenra Bansho Zero Preview?
    A Thousand Thanks with Sugar on the Top.
  • Maid RPG: Done. If for some reason we sell out, I'll make sure you're the first on the list for the reprint, in about a week or two afterwards.

    TBZ Preview: Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to put one together, with other projects in play (including the final parts of the translation effort). It'll be a bit longer.


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