A legend reborn!
  • I just learned that Sword World, the most famous JRPG in Japan, has released a second edition. The new edition is called Sword World 2.0 (clever with the naming huh).

    It was just released this month on the 19th, so it really is hot off the press.

    Sword World RPG Wiki Page w/ 2.0 info
    Sword World 2.0 Specific page on Japanese Wiki
    SW2.0 Amazon.jp

    I hope to get this as the new classes and races but sadly I am a poor student at the moment and must wait. :(
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    So, interesting story. A few years ago I was at GenCon, helping with the Forge Booth. A bunch of Japanese folks come by, including the CEO/founder of Group SNE (the folks that do all the Japanese GURPS stuff), and a young designer with the pseudonym Kitazawa Kei. Here they are, and here is me pointing them stuff. Check out my hot ass:


    Also, that's Jonathan "D&D 3.0E" Tweet in the back there. Kei is the young dude on the right. Oh, here's another pic:


    So, I helped Kei find a bunch of cool, unique RPGs for he and his friend (like All Flesh Must Be Eaten, The Riddle of Steel and others). And we have traded a few emails a year ever since. Later, Kei went on to write a new game for Group SNE called "Demon Parasite", a kinda crunchy game about half human/demons that fight crime, pretty highly regarded (I'll get to posting about it eventually).


    Anyway, about a week ago, in the mail I get a package express-mailed from Japan. The package simply was shipped from Japan, no return address or label,other than my name. No piece indicating from where in Japan it was shipped. Inside, are a copy of Sword World 2.0 and its first Replay. No note. No information about who sent it or why. For about 10 minutes, I just sat there puzzling over the books, and then realized that it must have been Kei who sent them to me.

    See, Kei was tapped with the honor of rewriting and updating Sword World into the 2.0 edition. How exciting! Other than the fact that his name is on the cover, I have no idea his level of involvement with the project, or what he went through to update and revitalize the game.

    However, that would be a great thing to interview him on. I'll see if I can corner him down for an exclusive interview for this site.

    In further posts, I'll drop my initial impressions of the game after flipping through the 2.0 edition.
  • Confirmed! Coming soon (in a few months), I'll have an interview with Sword World 2.0's designer, Kei Kitazawa.
  • I can't really upload images here at work, but I wanted to link to some SW 2.0 books:

    Sword World 2.0 Rulebook 2

    Sword World 2.0 Scenario: Challenge Collection! Demon Sword Labyrinth Caller
    (Sorry, wasn't able to translate 魔剣が呼ぶ迷宮)

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