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  • You know, it's really hard to keep up with J-TRPGs these days. Despite the advent of the web, it's really hard to suss out good, up-to-date information (especially if you're a katakana reader like myself).

    Here are my resources!

    PlaySpace Hiroshima - Great for looking up old titles and seeing their covers. Also, it keeps you up to date on what's in their store (which is a pretty good indicator, I've found). Also, click on the link at the top: 『RPG予定表』へ . This takes you to the bottom of the main page with soon (and not so soon) to be released titles, and sometimes dates!

    Kimagure (Twisted) TRPG News - Seems to have up-to-date news on titles and releases. Always with pictures, it seems! Can't beat that.

    Anybody else know some other good sites?
  • Hi Mark, I wanted to chime in here on your post.

    Unfortunately, I know of no other good sites than the ones you link to above, particularly the PlaySpace Hiroshima one. I'm involved with, which is a kind of cross between Facebook and Livejournal, and has hundreds of thousands of "Communities" for all kinds of interests (frex, I'm joined in various communities for games, RPGs, anime, martial arts, hip hop, etc). The core TRPG group has thousands of members, and there are game reviews and the like, but there are very few reports of upcoming game releases. Rather, most of the talk tends to more casual stuff.

    The above places seem to have some kind of relationship with actual stores. I think PlaySpace Hiroshima is an actual game store and play cafe, thus they are very prompt to post upcoming releases. The other one, too, seems to have some kind of publishing insider connection.

    This is awesome for a couple reasons:
    1) They're laid out simply, and quickly break down what is coming out, and what came out, with supporting information and links.
    2) There's just enough RPG stuff (including indie games, RPG manga, etc) that the site managers keeping up can do so without getting totally overwhelmed. You can literally cover Every Game Related Release for Every Company in Japan, and do so easily. There's usually never more than a handful of releases every 1-2 weeks, so it's not an insurmountable task.

    Because of this, folks like me and Mark who slavishly follow the J-RPG release schedules looking for Teh Hotness are not let down. In fact, many a time at work I'll get an IM from mark going "Hey, did you hear about X?" I know Mark is talking about some new release on PS-Hiroshima or Kimagure that I haven't hit yet. Which is a good reminder to dive back into those sites and see what else is new.

    So for now, unfortunately, there aren't any better sites. But those sites are worth their electronic weight in gold.
  • I vote this become such a site. How's that for goals.
  • Posted By: ryuuchibaHow's that for goals.

    Ambitious + Delicious = Ambitilicious!

    Admittedly, I'm not sure how much of the new hot info we can get a hold of right away: It seems that most "RPG Companies" (for what they are) tend to release PRs announcing the release of an RPG about a week after that game has been in stores. Coming from a culture where it's common to release TONS of "buzz" before a game comes out, it's pretty frustrating.

    It's been up to resellers and fans with inside info to post info on upcoming games.

    However, games like Ryuu-Tama have actually had a design/production blog up for about a year prior to release. But that's almost the exception that proves the rule.

    But I'm down with the Amitiliciousness. I look forward to finding out more about upcoming games here and there, and creating exploratory posts with a little bit of info, links, pics, etc. Maybe if in Japan they realize "Hey, it's a little shameful that the most information (of what little there is) on our upcoming roleplaying game can be found on some English site that's infrequently posted on", that might get more producers to post buzz ahead of time.
  • Ambitilicious is an excellent word. I just added it to my computer's dictionary.

    Posted By: Diamond SutraIt's been up to resellers and fans with inside info to post info on upcoming games.

    You're dead on with that one, but there's one advantage that we would have here over Japanese sellers and fans. We don't have a domestic release date meaning even if we were to post news about a new edition coming out 4 days after it came out we would technically still be in the safe zone as it came out in Japan, not in North America.

    If we also end up creating direct traffic to FEAR and SNE's respective websites and they take notice it may help in the exportation of Japanese RPG's abroad and in doing so making Tenra less of a by all means great but limited scope into "the book that started it all."

    I'm sure from what you've posted here and there Andy that you have connections with TRPG companies in Japan. If those connections were to be used for a variety of possibilities the Ambitilicious prospects of transforming this from a "infrequently posted on" blog to a daily stop for gamers and bloggers alike.

    You said that Ryuu-Tama was the exception in terms of prior knowledge through its blog as opposed to the whole "Surprise! New book!!" style currently ruling in Japan. But wouldn't it be better to view it, rather than an exception, as a prototype? Ryuu-tama could be the way many games will go from here on and its publisher wanted to know if it actually would have the interest (leading to sales) they hoped for.

    J-RPG could represent a two fold purpose of letting the gamers in on Japanese originated games and producers on interest abroad. After all while producers are all about how cool the game is and if its fun, publishers care mainly about the cold hard cash.

    I think that since this is a blog style system (at least I assume so, I use wordpress mainly) It would be possible to generate this into more effective news posts as well. I'm all for getting basic summaries of some of the more popular TRPG's and pictures out to the less knowledgeable American youth. It would certainly have much promise and increase its notoriety of being filled with material found nowhere else. Especially with the current situation of Playspace Hiroshima where we see only titles and if there are images they're small and brief description in Japanese that would make common people go "huh? Chinese???" Adding some interior art as well would increase interest two as often covers only convey so much.

    ok, I think thats more like two dimes and a penny there rather than simply 2 cents worth. But if anything I said didn't make any sense I'm more than happy to translate into not crazy talk.
  • I found a new site (well new to me)


    If you scroll down below the Japan Map they have a listing for upcoming releases.

    Below that is even upcoming events

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