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  • Forum Matters
    This category is for technical and social discussion about the forum itself, questions on usage, and bug reports.
    5 discussions 18 commentsMost recent: Holy Crap, Sorry Applicants!!! And the … by ryuuchibaOctober 2011
  • Game Infodump
    This is the category for when we don't know much about a game: It will be to collect info, to post links, to basically act as a placeholder.
    3 discussions 9 comments
  • General Gaming/Jpn
    Cross-cultural gaming chat that is not game-specific. Also for general discussion of the Japanese language and Japan in relation to these games.
    14 discussions 92 commentsMost recent: Red Dragon by Mark CauseyApril 2012
  • Japanese Games
    Discuss tabletop RPGs released in Japan. 日本製のTRPGのスレはこちらへ
    22 discussions 156 commentsMost recent: Sword World 2.0: Big Things come in Sma… by kirisameSeptember 2013
  • Western Games
    Discuss English-Language tabletop roleplaying games here. 西洋製TRPGのスレはこちらへ
    0 discussions 0 comments

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