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J-RPG Podcast 2: Tokyo Nova, RPG-Themed Manga, and more!


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J-RPG Podcast #2 is up! Download it here!

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00:00 Introduction (First Crush by Sabrepulse)
00:31 What we’re listening to:
01:31 What we’re playing
Animal Shogi (the full version: Animal Shogi in the Greenwood)
(note: The basic version is available as an IOS game app, look for “Let’s Catch the Lion!“)
05:53 News
-Kickstarter updates: Magician, Hillfolk, Tenra Bansho Zero
Gamer MarketPictures from the Game Market
Psychic Hearts
22:50 Main Topic 1: Spiel EssenShinobigami Announcement
36:08 Main Topic 2: Piyopu Seikatsu is now available for free on j-comi! An incredible gaming life/RPG autobiographical manga by Naoko Kanazawa (Blog) (Girls’ Style Gaming Blog)
46:33 Game in 5 Minutes (or more): Tokyo Nova, a uniquely Japanese Cyberpunk RPG using playing cards and specialized Tarot cards- Pictures of the Tokyo Nova Tarot
1:15:50 Word(s) of the day
Endaka (Wikipedia)
1:20:00 Mail & Shout Outs
1:25:00 Closing & Next Week
Style Savvy
-Fixing Legend of the Five Rings
Outtro (The Rapture by Sabrepulse )

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Thanks to Sabrepulse for the rocking chiptunes. If you like his tracks, please buy a copy like I did!

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Comments? Questions? Topic Ideas? Hit us up!

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  1. Well, i have another question: do you guys know anything about 3D&T, a brazilian RPG focused on JRPG games, anime and manga? We now have 2 scenarios for it: Megacity, a book with various worlds coexisting together like districts, and Brigada Ligeira Estelar, a new space opera/adventure centered game.




  2. Looking forward to more news on future releases, can’t get enough.

  3. Have you guys heard of the kanji learning jrpg “Slime Forest”?

  4. I’ve been really interested in Tokyo nova after listening your podcast is there anyway I can get more info on the basic’s for the system?

    • Unfortunately there’s not much more than that. But tell you what: I’ll have me and Matt run/play another session this year (the new version just came out two weeks ago), record it, and broadcast it.

      Thanks for listening!

      • Thank you so much that would be awesome! A friend just got us playing Tenra Bansho because of it also being from F.e.a.r. I would love to look into their other games but I gotta say the use of playing cards and tarot really caught my eye.

  5. Hi guys,

    Love the podcast!

    I have a question for you:
    Except for the art style, what elements make a TRPG Japanese? The ones that seem to come up are d6-based (mostly), multiple class selection/quick character creation, and one-shot play.

    Thanks for all your work,

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