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Google Drive: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1uVoci2ePQKYnhiSmNMdGppMzA 
Direct Link: http://www.j-rpg.com/podcast/j_rpg_podcast_1.mp3

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Hey all! Last month Matt Sanchez and I–partners in crime at Kotodama Heavy Industries –were bored, so we put together the first of hopefully more podcasts about Japanese Tabletop RPGs.

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Since it’s an introductory podcast, we focus mostly on self-introductions and the past, including:

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* Who we are
* Our day jobs!
–The world of customs brokering!
–The world of high performance storage computer analysis!
* How day jobs lead to pushback on writing projects!
and 21:00 minutes in, we talk lightly–5 minutes each–about what we love about the J-RPG “Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy RPG
* Why Hall and Oates?

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If you have questions, thoughts, or topic ideas, please feel free to post a comment here!

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  1. Very good! I have a question: BESM 3e counts as a J-RPG?

  2. Heya! BESM is good, and I played the crap out of 2E back in the late 90s!

    But it was created in Canada, not Japan, so it’s not really a Japanese RPG. However, ew might talk about these games later on in another podcast.

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