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Noelle talks about Kamigakari : A Demon-Hunting RPG


After Rikizo-san left Group SNE, I was wondering what he’d do: He’s extremely passionate about Role-playing games and Japanese culture, as evidenced by his work on the Japan-mythic supplements for the Demon Parasite RPG line.

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I didn’t even realize he produced a new hard-hitting action/Japanese myth RPG until a friend pointed it out: Kamigakari, or “We God Hunters” (if I was being sufficiently Anime enough).

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It’s getting some decent amount of play in cafes and cons in Tokyo. I’ve heard that it’s kind of in competition with DoubleCross in the “troubled teens with power hunt down dangerous demons” category; but since there’s a lot of media with that theme, and the setting is sufficiently different, I don’t see too much conflagration…

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…Anyway, Noelle, a longtime friend, collaborator, and budding “Japanese media translator in the making”, breaks the game’s super interesting mechanical pieces here on their Google Plus blog. Give it a follow!

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EDIT: Removed link for now. Noelle’s G+ account is in the middle of a transition to a new location. I will return to this post later to update this page with more information about Kamigakari when it occurs. Thanks!

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