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So, Matt and I (Andy) have partnered up with the Geeky and Genki network to deliver media (postcasts, videocasts) through their website! We’ll be posting more info here when there is content over there, so for now go ahead and check out our new podcasts!

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Warning: We are new at this, and still finding our legs: Case in point, each time I aim for maybe 20-30 minutes of content… then we talk (directedly!) for like 90 minutes. Wow! So yeah, we’ll be finding our legs and improving shortly.  For now, you can check out our attempts here:

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Geeky and Genki: http://geekyandgenki.com/

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Super Excite Game (formerly the J-RPG podcast) #3 here: http://www.geekyandgenki.com/j-rpg-podcast-3/

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The NEW Super Excite Game #4 here: http://www.geekyandgenki.com/super-excite-game-episode-4/

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Come for the gaming, stay for us blathering about Japan, culture and language!

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Matt’s G&G Profile: http://www.geekyandgenki.com/author/matthew/

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Andy’s G&G Profilehttp://www.geekyandgenki.com/author/andy/

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One Comment

  1. I think we all had valid points on how a party could be built. I was loarbing under the impression that we were actually going to be building a party together and getting the “crunch” and some “fluff” done on the show. Really all the hijinks were caused by my inability to grasp the concept. It’s nice to hear that many of you like the way I build parties. I sometimes think the most memorable moments for me as a DM has been the group character building. All the players seem to have such a good time trying to figure out how their powers work in concert and who will fill what role. It also allows them to disscuss what they think might be shortfalls in their party design. Doing back story is often fun if the players have built their characters to work together, it gives them some motivation for connecting their characters and explaining why they already fight so well together.I’m just glad that after such a looong break that many of you are still listening and even better commenting. Thanks so much for giving us time on your playlists everyone!

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