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Updates for DoubleCross (English Edition)


DoubleCross is now out and available at Amazon (see two updates ago).

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The publisher (Ver Blue/KH Shu) heard some customer issues and saw some editing misses, so he sent out this informational update: An ongoing Errata, Document links, and other information related to the game through the official web presence at G+:

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Dear Customers,

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It has come to my attention that there are a handful of mistakes in
the printed book. I have uploaded an Errata file on my G+ site. The
link is as follows:

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Please follow me on G+
(https://plus.google.com/101235997413051519555) or Facebook
(www.facebook.com/pages/Ver-Blue-Amusement/351682611607409) for future

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On a side note, I have also uploaded the Record sheets as well. They
are available at:

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